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Drone Expo Draws Protesters

A speaker at a commercial drone conference in Los Angeles on Saturday was shouted down by a protest group blaming him for up to 3,000 deaths caused by Predator drones in Pakistan, the Contra Costa Times has reported. Another group protested police use of drones for surveillance. "Nobody here is even remotely interested in using [drones] as weapons,"      More    avweb.com

FAA: Cockpit Photos Are OK — Maybe

A widely cited story posted on the blog Quartz on Friday raises the question whether airline pilots who post aerial photos online are violating FAA rules against using "personal wireless devices" in the cockpit, but the FAA told AVweb picture-taking is OK with them — as long as pilots use the proper equipment. "A pilot at the controls is permitted to take a picture with a non-wireless camera and not be in violation of this regulation," the FAA wrote in an email. "However, a pilot at the controls is not permitted to take a picture with a cell phone." Tablets and personal computers also are not permitted, and no photos of any kind are allowed during aircraft operations when the "sterile cockpit rule" is in effect, typically below 10,000 feet.      More    avweb.com

End Of The Line For The A380?

The world's biggest airliner may have one of industry's shortest production runs. Airbus has announced it could end production of the A380 in 2018 after going through the whole past year without a new airline order. The aircraft went into service in 2007.      More    avweb.com

Thunderbirds, Blue Angels Announce 2015 Schedules

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels have finalized their 2015 show schedules as the International Council of Air Shows met this week in Las Vegas. The Thunderbirds will open their 62nd season Feb. 22 at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida. The team will perform at 39 locations and end the season Nov. 7-8 at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia.      More    avweb.com

GA Turtle Rescue Effort Continues

Rescuers who are trying to save the lives of endangered sea turtles stranded on Cape Cod beaches are hoping for more GA volunteers, especially pilots with roomy airplanes like a PC-12 or King Air, volunteer organizer Leslie Weinstein told AVweb this week. "We have successfully transported over 500 sea turtles thanks to all of you [pilots]," Weinstein said. However, about 85 turtles are still in need of transport from the Boston Aquarium to sites in Mississippi, New Orleans and Florida.    More    avweb.com

Russian Spy Planes A Hazard

Sweden says Russian spy planes are getting in the way of commercial flights and the Swedes would like it to stop. "This is serious. This is inappropriate. This is outright dangerous when you turn off the transponder," The incident occurred in international airspace. Swedish fighters found the Russian aircraft and it was identified as a spy plane.      More    avweb.com

Photo Contest 2014: Best of the Best

More than 130 photographers from 20 countries submitted more than 500 images for Aviation Week's 23rd Annual Photo Contest. See the best photos selected by our panel of judges.      More    aviationweek.com

Google, France Partner On Balloon-Powered Internet

French space agency CNES will join Google in the online-search giant’s ambitious project to launch a fleet of stratospheric balloons to provide Internet access to rural and underserved parts of the globe. Dubbed Project Loon, the fleet of balloons would be carried by winds some 18 to 20 km above the Earth – higher than commercial airlines and weather – and powered by solar panels.      More    aviationweek.com

Italy, Turkey Selected For F-35 MRO Work In Europe

F-35 development partners Italy and Turkey are the big winners for major maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade work in Europe for the single-engine, stealthy, multinational Lockheed Martin fighter. The Pentagon announced the MRO&U Thursday that Italy will be the primary location for heavy airframe maintenance. Turkey will initially handle heavy engine maintenance for the Pratt & Whitney F135. Both are expected to stand up operations by 2018. Norway and the Netherlands will provide additional heavy engine MRO capability by 2021 and the U.K. will be the site of heavy airframe maintenance should additional capacity be required for fighters in the region.    More    aviationweek.com

U.S. Remains Committed To Open Skies Despite Calls To Limit Access

WASHINGTON—The U.S. government is not wavering from its open skies policy and will negotiate open skies deals with any friendly country that is interested, despite calls for the government to roll back liberalization in order to protect the U.S. airline industry, a senior State Dept. official said. The U.S. government has no plans to change its policy, Thomas Engle, deputy assistant secretary of State for transportation affairs, said at the Airports Council International-North America international aviation issues seminar. Since the first open skies treaty was struck with the Netherlands in 1992, the U.S. has signed open skies agreements with 114 countries, including the EU.      More    aviationweek.com

Boeing Still Interested In South Korea’s KF-X

Boeing confirms it remains interested in South Korea’s KF-X fighter program but declines to say directly whether it is considering a development based on its Advanced Super Hornet, as reported by Aviation Week. “Boeing looks forward to understanding the Republic of Korea’s plans regarding how and when they intend to implement the program,” says a spokeswoman for the company.  “If we decide to formally participate, we will consider our entire portfolio of strike fighter capabilities.”      More    aviationweek.com

Three Walk Out 10 Days After Burma Crash

Three people who were on a rescue helicopter that went down in the remote mountains of Myanmar walked out of the forest 10 days after the crash. The Chiang Mai (Thailand) Mail is reporting the Thai pilot, identified as Capt. Chatwal Thanthong, suffered a spinal injury and is in the hospital but his Burmese copilot and another passenger were apparently not in need of medical attention. Their EC130 was on a supply mission to a rescue party looking for Burmese climbers when it went down in bad weather.      More    avweb.com

First Flight For FK P-51 Replica – Video

FK Lightplanes has begun the flight-test phase for its scale-replica carbon-fiber P-51 Mustang. The first-flight video, posted online last week, shows the airplane taking off and flying along the runway briefly before settling down again. Test pilot Thomas Kreimeier said the airplane was stable in flight and landing, and responded well to rudder inputs. – Video      More    avweb.com

FAA Cancels RC Aircraft Guidelines

The FAA has cancelled the 33-year-old advisory circular that sets out voluntary standards that most radio control model enthusiasts follow and aims to replace it with a set of enforceable regulations. On Oct. 10 Gary Norek, manager of the Airspace Policy and Regulations Group, applied to the agency's Performance, Policy and Records Management to cancel Advisory Circular (AC) 91-57, the document that until then asked hobbyists to keep their aircraft below 400 feet and not fly them near airports. The AC was issued in 1981 and was created to give the emerging RC hobby some framework for their activities. It became a self-enforced set of standards that the majority of those involved in the hobby voluntarily adhered to through the clubs and organizations many belong to. In the modern context, however, those voluntary guidelines also applied to the millions of people who now fly small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) for personal use and therein lay the rub.      More    avweb.com

McLeod Wins Vegas Red Bull

Canada's Pete McLeod earned his first win in the  Red Bull Air Race series Sunday in Las Vegas but it wasn't the way he wanted to win. McLeod was awarded the victory on the strength of his first-place qualifying time on Saturday after heavy winds cancelled the final rounds on Sunday.      More    avweb.com

TBM Crashes With Unresponsive Pilot

NY LLC crashed off the east coast of Jamaica Friday after the pilot reportedly became incapacitated on a planned flight from the aircraft's home base to Naples, Florida.

About midway through the flight over North Carolina the pilot told Atlanta Center that he had a problem, according to NBC news and liveATC.net. "We an indication that is not correct on the plane," the pilot said, immediately requesting a lower altitude, from FL280 to FL180. His descent may have been momentarily restricted to FL250 and shortly thereafter, ATC lost radio contact with the aircraft.      More    avweb.com

Red Bull Air Race Comes to Texas

The Red Bull races include some required, radical aerobatic maneuvers for each aircraft as part of completing each lap of the course, moving the event well into the third dimension. Hannes Arch holds a narrow lead in the race series over Paul Bonhomme and Nigel Lamb after Bonhomme and Lamb took first and second place in the last race, held at Britain’s famed Ascot Raceway last month. It is the first Red Bull race in the U.S. since a stop in New York in 2010.      More    avweb.com

Team Aims To Fly 300 MPH On Batteries

Electroflight, a team of British glider builders, recently announced it has teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering to build a single-seat airplane that will set a new speed record for electric aircraft of 300 mph. Team Electroflight has built a mock-up of its design, and said it will be powered by a "unique contra-rotating electric propulsion system.      More    avweb.com

Brazilian Presidential Candidate Killed in Jet Crash

Brazilian presidential candidate Eduardo Campos was among those killed Wednesday morning in the crash of a Cessna Citation XL in Santos, Brazil, according to CNN. The exact number of people killed in the crash wasn't immediately known, but there were no survivors, Agencia Brasil reported, citing officials from Campos' Brazilian Socialist Party. Campos, 49, was most recently the governor of Pernambuco state, and was a federal lawmaker from 1998 to 2003. The political figure, who was running in his first presidential election, was among the serious contenders, steady in third place in the polls.      More    avweb.com

Avanti Evo Debuts At LABACE

The Italian planemaker Piaggio has been producing its distinctive Avanti twin turboprop for years, but now, fortified with new ownership and investment from Abu Dhabi, the company has introduced a new version, the Evo. The Evo is on display for the first time outside Europe this week at the Latin American Business Aviation Convention and Expo in Brazil. Changes in the new model include redesigned engine nacelles, a reshaped forward wing, and winglets for the main wing. New five-blade Hartzell scimitar propellers reduce noise both inside the cabin and outside. The cabin also got an upgrade, with newly designed seats, air conditioning, and lighting. First delivery is scheduled for October.      More    avweb.com

AOPA Exits Electronic Flight Bag Market

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has decided to exit the electronic flight bag (EFB) market—marking a change in its online flight planning member benefit.  Responsibility for FlyQ EFB will be assumed by Seattle Avionics as of September 1. AOPA and Seattle Avionics reported to be working together to ensure all subscribers experience a smooth transition. Starting in 2015, AOPA will return to the AOPA Internet Flight Planner (AIFP) powered by Jeppesen.  AIFP will remain a free member benefit.      More    avweb.com

Drone Proving Ground – Bhutan

While the FAA's pace of integrating unmanned aerial systems into the national airspace is excruciatingly slow for drone fans, the small Himalayan country of Bhutan is moving forward. Matternet, a Silicon Valley startup with some big investors backing it, has been testing a drone delivery network there that could help transport critical medical supplies to remote rural communities. Working with the Bhutanese government and the World Health Organization, Matternet is testing four quadcopters that carry loads up to four pounds, using them to connect a central hospital to health centers up to about 10 miles away.      More    avweb.com

Smaller Jets Starting To Move

After six years in the doldrums, there are signs of improvement in the small and medium-sized business jet market, according to analysts attending the Latin American Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (LABACE). Brian Foley, a New Jersey-based consultant, told Bloomberg the under-50,000-pound market sector shipped 20 percent more jets in the first half of 2014 compared to the previous year. "What we're finally seeing is that due to more confidence in the economy, people's balance sheets are improving," Foley told Bloomberg. "They're slowly coming back into the game, which is good for all aircraft manufacturers." LABACE began Tuesday and runs until Thursday in Sao Paulo, Brazil.      More    avweb.com

Britain's Iconic Airplanes To Meet

The last two flying Avro Lancaster bombers will meet up with the one-of-a-kind delta-wing Vulcan Bomber later this month for a rare flight demonstration at the Royal Air Force base in Waddington, in the United Kingdom. One of the Lancaster bombers, flown by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, recently crossed the Atlantic for the first time, and the other one is flown by the Battle of Britain Memorial flight group. The Cold War-era Vulcan Bomber has been flying since 2007, after 14 years of fundraising and restoration work. The event will be held as part of the Clacton Air Show on Thursday, Aug. 21.      More    avweb.com

Missing Algerian Airliner Crashed: No Survivors

The wreckage of a missing Air Algerie MD-83 has been located in Mali, about 30 miles north of the Burkina Faso border, on a flight from Burkina Faso to Algiers. Reports indicate there were no survivors among the 166 aboard. Contact was lost about 50 minutes after takeoff from Ouagadougou, Air Algerie said, as the plane crossed into Mali. A BBC report shows that severe thunderstorms were in the area. The pilot had contacted Niger's control tower in Niamey to change course because of a storm, correspondents say. The French military said it sent two French fighters based in West Africa to try to locate the plane.      More    avweb.com

Teen Pilot Dies On Around-World Attempt

The body of Indiana teenage pilot Haris Suleman, who was attempting to fly around the world with his father, was found off the coast of American Samoa after their A-36 Bonanza went down in the South Pacific Tuesday night, Coast Guard officials and family said Wednesday. Suleman, 17, was found unresponsive by the American Samoa Marine Patrol, while his father, Babar Suleman, remained missing, officials said. The father and son had left Pago Pago, American Samoa. Haris Suleman, who just earned his pilot certificate in June, was aiming to become the youngest pilot in command to circumnavigate the globe in 30 days with just one other person on board. He was also trying to raise money to build schools in his father’s native Pakistan. The Sulemans left Indianapolis on June 19.      More    avweb.com

Bradshaw BuildAPlane Center Opens at Flabob Airport

BuildAPlane has joined with the Thomas Wathen Center in Riverside, Calif., to create a permanent facility that allows kids to build real airplanes. The Katrina Bradshaw Memorial BuildAPlane Center is outfitted as a complete A&P facility providing tooling and materials to build and restore aircraft. The Center is named after the late Katrina Bradshaw, formerly the executive director of BuildAPlane. Sixteen kids from around Los Angeles have already signed up to restore an early Stinson 108. “We’re hoping to get the first airplane done by the end of August,” said Gregg Landolt, Wathen Center Director of Programs and Education.      More    avweb.com

Dozens Killed In Taiwan Crash

A twin-engine turboprop ATR-72 regional airliner operated by TransAsia Airways crashed in Taiwan at about 7 p.m. local time on Tuesday while attempting to go around after a missed landing attempt. According to early news reports, the aircraft hit some buildings on the approach to the airport. There were 54 passengers and four flight crew on board; on Wednesday morning the number of fatalities was reported as 47. TransAsia Airways is a Taiwanese airline that makes mostly domestic flights. According to CNN, a typhoon had just passed through the area and visibility was poor at the time of the crash.      More    avweb.com

Concorde Items Up For Auction

A former Concorde captain is auctioning off his store of aviation memorabilia this week, in hopes of helping his daughter to pay off her loans for flight training. The items include cockpit instruments, a damaged engine blade, and a pitot tube from the nose of a Concorde jet. "When I retired from British Airways in 2004 I was very grateful to be given a number of items of Concorde equipment as a thank you," Mike Bannister, 65, told the Daily Mail. "I have also acquired other items from various sales over the years. … It is a natural circle of life that the money raised will go back into flying in the form of helping my daughter to be a commercial pilot." The auction will be held Friday in the U.K., but buyers also can register to bid online.      More    avweb.com

Aviation History Honored at Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum of New Hampshire opened its doors July 19 for a special day to remember the history of the Manchester airport when it was known as the Grenier Air Force base. Men and women who either worked at the base or were stationed there between 1940 and 1966 were invited to attend. The airport has a long history with its beginnings in the late 1920s, following the popularity of Charles Lindbergh's transatlantic flight to Europe.      More    aviationpros.com

Aviation Technical Services Formally Opens KC Facility and Signs New Contracts

Technical Services (ATS) formally opened its newly renovated 607,000-square-foot MRO complex at Kansas City International Airport (MCI) with a ribbon-cutting and positive customer news today. Two such business partners, Hawaiian Airlines and Air Canada, officially committed programs to the ATS-KC facility. Hawaiian’s agreement for Boeing 767 heavy maintenance was formally signed earlier this week. This contract initially involves (2) nose-to-tail heavy checks beginning in September 2014 and has the opportunity to turn into a longer term.      More    aviationpros.com

Exelis Deploys Deicing Management Software Solution At Philadelphia International Airport

Exelis has successfully deployed its new deicing management solution at Philadelphia International Airport(PHL). Through a contract with Swissport International Ltd. , Exelis provides advanced automation to coordinate deicing operations between PHL, the airlines, the deice company (Swissport) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Exelis, a global leader in providing critical network solutions, streamlines the deicing process by minimizing the need for manual data entry and verbal communications at the airline ramp towers.      More    aviationpros.com

Bombardier to Restructure Company, Create Four Main Segments

July 23–Bombardier, based in Montreal, announced a new organizational structure, which breaks the company into four main business segments, including a new segment called Aerostructures and Engineering Services. The three other segments include Bombardier Transportation, Bombardier Business Aircraft and Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.      More    aviationpros.com

Oil Refinery Helps Boost Delta's Earnings

Delta Air Lines said Wednesday that its Trainer oil refinery in Delaware County produced a $13 million profit in the second-quarter. Delta, the first U.S. airline to report earnings, posted a second-quarter profit of $889 million, or $1.04 a share, that beat analysts' estimates, driven by strong passenger demand and higher revenues from corporate contracts. Delta bought the former ConocoPhillips refinery in 2012 to gain more control over its jet fuel costs.      More    aviationpros.com

Airberlin Technik To Develop Camera-guided Parking System For Aircraft

In future the so-called “Pilot Ground Situation Awareness System” (PGSA) should enable pilots to maneuver unaided on the ground using cameras on the fuselage and vertical stabilizer as well as sensors placed on the wing tips. Until now, pilots have relied on either visual signals from the ground crew or push-back vehicles to move aircraft to and from the stand. The PGSA is being developed as a retrofit and should primarily increase the efficiency of ground operations.      More    aviationpros.com

Jet Blue Pilot Arrested On Drug Charges

A Jet Blue pilot was among six people arrested on drug charges Sunday in Boston. Police said they were watching an area near Boston Common after residents filed complaints about drug dealing, and on Sunday evening around 6 p.m. they saw what they believed to be drug transactions in the area, according to the Boston Globe. John Manwaring, 42, of Maitland, Fla., was arrested and charged with possession of heroin. He pleaded not guilty in court on Monday and was released. He's due to appear back in court next month. Jet Blue told the Globe that Manwaring had been removed from duty "pending the outcome of this investigation.     More    avweb.com

Two Off-Airport Landings In Eight Days

A Long Island pilot had his second off-airport landing in a little more than a week last Friday, landing on the same highway he used in the previous mishap. Frank Fierro, 75, told reporters he thinks a blown fuse was to blame for engine problems encountered about eight minutes after he took off from Lufker Spadaro Airport in East Moriches. As he'd done the previous week, he set the Challenger ultralight down on the Sunrise Highway, this time in the eastbound lanes. On July 10, he landed on the median. It was his first flight since the July 10 off-airport landing.     More    avweb.com

FAA Drone Warnings Not Legally Binding

A federal court of appeals has ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration's informal letters and emails ordering some drone users to stop using the devices are not legally binding. In April, a Texas search-and-rescue group asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to set aside an FAA order to stop using remotely piloted aircraft in the group's searches. On Friday, a three-judge panel dismissed the challenge, but based the dismissal on its ruling that the FAA email at the center of the case was not a formal, legally binding order.     More    avweb.com

Airbus: Airliners May Be Too Comfortable

Airbus has filed a patent application for a bicycle-style seat that allows passengers to ride their airliners in semi-standing position, allowing more bodies to be shoehorned into its airplanes. Recognizing that modern airline passengers will endure almost any indignity in return for cheap fares, the design calls for seats that look like old-style, wide bicycle saddles mounted on a thick, horizontal bar. The seats would fold up when not in use. The design drawings depict a rudimentary, small, low backrest and narrow arm rests.     More    avweb.com

Santa Monica Airport Issue Makes Ballot

The committee for Santa Monicans For Open and Honest Development Decisions has received informal notification and is awaiting the official letter that a ballot measure on land-use changes at Santa Monica Municipal Airport has officially qualified for the November 2014 ballot, according to AOPA. The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters informed the city of Santa Monica that it has ruled that residents can vote Nov. 16 on an initiative requiring a vote from residents before the city can make any changes to land uses at Santa Monica Municipal Airport.     More    avweb.com

Suit Alleges Slow Response Caused Airshow Pilot's Death

The family of an airshow pilot who burned to death in an accident at Travis Air Force Base in California in May is suing the federal government for $20 million claiming the emergency response to the accident resulted in his death.    More    avweb.com

Airbus Commits To E-Fan Production

Airbus flew its E-Fan 2.0 technology demonstrator at the opening day of the Farnborough Airshow on Monday, and said it plans to have a certified version on the market by late 2017. The two-seat aircraft, aimed at the general aviation training market, would be the first certified all-electric aircraft in the world, the company said. It will have a flight duration of up to two hours. The company plans to follow that about two years later with the E-Fan 4.0, a four-seat hybrid aircraft for training and personal flying. The airplanes will be built in France by Voltair, an Airbus-owned company that will develop, build and service the airplanes.        More    avweb.com

Scorpion Grabs Spotlight From Absent F-35

The F-35 has been approved for flight but the Pentagon apparently doesn't want it flying over any oceans for now. The aircraft was due to make its international debut at the Farnborough Airshow this week but the trip has been officially cancelled. The aircraft was grounded after a June 23 engine fire that was traced to "excessive" fan blade rubbing inside the engine. The problem was apparently isolated to one aircraft but Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said they're not ready to risk a trip across the pond. The appearance fell under flight restrictions "that will remain in effect until the root cause of the June 23 engine mishap is identified and corrected," Kirby said. The absence of the elaborately expensive showstopper has vaulted the only other all-new military design debuting at Farnborough, Textron's Scorpion, to bask in some unexpected attention.        More    avweb.com

Massive Avionics Theft At Missouri Airport

Authorities are investigating the apparently well-planned theft of avionics from all 23 resident aircraft at Jerry Sumners Sr. Aurora Municipal Airport in Aurora, Mo., last Wednesday. According to KY3 News, thieves broke into every hangar at the airport and then removed the GPS, radios and transponders from every aircraft. The loss is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.        More    avweb.com

United 777 Diverts To Midway Island

A United Airlines Boeing 777 bound for Guam from Honolulu made a safe emergency landing on the former U.S. Navy and Army Air Force runway on Midway Island early Saturday after a report of a strange odor in the cabin. Midway is an ETOPs alternate for twin-engine airliners plying the western Pacific and it's owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.        More    avweb.com

Amazon Petitions FAA To Permit Drone Testing

On July 9, 2014, Amazon Prime Air petitioned the FAA for an exemption to allow private research and development flight testing of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) outdoors on its private property near Seattle, Wash. In its petition, Amazon states that the operating rules it will follow will be no different than those followed by thousands of model aircraft hobbyists currently daily: maximum weights will not exceed 55 pounds.        More    avweb.com

FAA Proposes New Building Height Restrictions

The FAA wants to reduce the allowable height of buildings near hundreds of airports , under the proposal a building located 10,000 feet from the end of a runway would have a maximum allowable height of 160 feet instead of the current limit of 250 feet.        More    avweb.com

U.K. Government Supports Airship Development

One of the Pentagon programs was Northrop Grumman’s Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle, using an airship designed by the U.K.’s Hybrid Air Vehic, The company plans to use the HAV304 prototype as a demonstrator while it develops the commercial Airlander 50 heavy-lift hybrid airship, which is designed to carry 50 metric tons of cargo up to 2,600 nm. HAV has kicked off a U.K. government-supported research program to mature the technology needed to develop this larger vehicle from the demonstrator.        More    aviationweek.com

Bombardier Set To Begin Challenger 350 Deliveries

Bombardier has secured U.S. FAA certification for its newest Challenger, the 350, clearing the way for delivery to its launch customer NetJets. Bombardier and NetJets have scheduled a formal delivery ceremony on June 27 in White Plains, New York, for the first of up to 200 Challenger 350 "Signature Series" aircraft the fractional ownership provider has on order.        More    aviationweek.com

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